Quality Assurance Policy

At Wararni, we are committed to providing our valued buyers with a seamless and secure shopping experience. We take great pride in our dedication to quality and transparency, and to further enhance your confidence in shopping with us, we conduct thorough authenticity checks as part of our stringent Quality Assurance and Payment Release Policy.

Quality Assurance Process:

  1. Item Inspection: very item purchased on Wararni undergoes a meticulous authenticity check and inspection at our headquarters by our dedicated quality control team.

  2. Condition Assessment: Our team assesses the condition of each item to accurately describe any wear, imperfections, or alterations in the listing. We aim to provide honest and transparent information to our buyers.

  3. Photographic Documentation: High-resolution photographs are taken to capture the item's current state, which will be made available for your review by email if required.

Payment Release Process:

Once our quality control team has completed a thorough inspection and confirmed that the item meets our stringent standards, the payment is promptly released to the seller. This process is designed to protect both buyers and sellers on our platform:

  1. Quality Confirmation: Upon successful completion of the authenticity check and item inspection, we confirm that the item is as described in the listing and meets our quality criteria.

  2. Payment Release: Following this confirmation, we promptly initiate the release of the payment to the seller. This ensures that sellers are compensated fairly and promptly for their listings.

By implementing this comprehensive Quality Assurance and Payment Release Policy, we strive to create a secure and trustworthy environment for all transactions on Wararni. We want you to have confidence in your purchases, knowing that every item you acquire through our platform has undergone meticulous inspections, including authenticity checks, to ensure its quality.