Lender Guarantee

Lenders may benefit from the Wararni Lender Guarantee program which is subject to these terms and conditions. The Lender Guarantee Terms apply in addition to Wararni’s Terms of Service and the Payments Terms of Service.

The Wararni Lender Guarantee

Wararni agrees to pay you, as a Lender, to repair or replace your Item by dispute which is subject to the limitations, exclusions and conditions in the Lender Guarantee Terms.

You must comply with all of the requirements and conditions in these Lender Guarantee Terms in order to be eligible to receive any payments for Covered Losses. Your failure to fully comply will prevent your recovery for any Losses.

You acknowledge and agree to use your best efforts to communicate with the Responsible Renter (as defined below) as soon as possible after you discover any physical loss or damage to your Property. You must notify Wararni as well as the Responsible Renter about your complaint and attempt to resolve the loss or damage with the Responsible Renter within the earlier of

(i) fourteen (14) days of the check-out date, or

(ii) before your next renter booking starts. You may fulfill this obligation by submitting a claim via the Resolution Center.

You acknowledge and agree that any amount of Losses payable to you under the Wararni Guarantee will be reduced by the amounts you have already collected for the same Covered Losses from a source other than the Wararni Lender Guarantee, including without limitation: (i) amounts received under an insurance policy, guarantee or indemnity; (ii) a security deposit; or (iii) payment directly by the Responsible Renter or an Invitee (defined below), or other party or an insurer or guarantor of such party.

Contacting Wararni

If you have any questions about these Wararni Lender Guarantee Terms, please email us at info@wararni.com